Benefits of My Student Account

My Student Account is an online ordering and cashless school system that encourages students to adopt healthier eating habits and is a simple way for parents to track their children purchase and order meals, uniforms and excursions online.

Improved Canteen Business Management

The mystudentaccount software improves the business management of the school canteen. As parents pre-load funds onto the card, cash flow is enhanced. The software is a tool for stock control and sales analysis. The system promotes a growth in canteen sales. The trial school, Kuluin in Queensland, increased their revenue by an amazing 20%, due to improved parent confidence in canteen purchases.

Other Benefits

mystudentaccount creates a cashless school environment, resulting in less theft and bullying. It is a tool for managing student allergies. When the card is swiped it alerts canteen staff to food allergies or diet related conditions the child may suffer.


It is totally secure. When the student ID card is swiped, a picture of the student is revealed to cashiers, ensuring no other student uses the card.


It is super convenient for parents, as no longer do they have to ‘dig around’ in the morning for loose change! Parents can also monitor their child’s eating, via reports that may be sent to parents on request regarding what their child has purchased.


In addition, the mystudentaccount card is extremely easy for students, parents and canteen staff to use!