Frequently Asked Questions

My Student Account is typically asked
the same questions. Here’s our
answers to these.

What happens if my child loses their card?

The school will issue a new replacement Student ID card and the old card will be made inactive.

Is there a limit to the number of foods I can ban?

There is no limit to the number of items a parent can prevent their child from purchasing.

What is stopping a child from spending all of the money on the card in one day?

Parents are able to set daily spending limits to regulate their child’s spending.

How much money can be placed on the cards?

There is no standard limit but schools do have an option to set a maximum amount of money to be placed on a card.

Do all of the students in the school need to adopt the card?

It is not necessary that all students adopt the mystudentaccount, however, it is recommended for the most benefits to be gained.

Is this a credit card?

No. The mystudentaccount system operates much like a prepaid debit card, money is placed onto the card for a child to use at school. Children learn important, real world, budgeting skills without the risks of credit.

Can another student use my child’s card?

No. When a child uses their card to make a purchase the mystudentaccount terminal will display photo ID of the card owner.

Can the card be used anywhere else?

The mystudentaccount card can be used across the school in a range if areas, some of which are available as modules now, while some are under development and will be available shortly. These include student/staff identification, library hire, area access, roll marking, photocopying, purchase of uniforms and stationery, payment of fees, access to data for curriculum purposes etc.


Given the type of technology being used development of new and exciting options to benefit the education sector will be ongoing.

What security measures does the mystudentaccount card have?

The mystudentaccount Card is highly secure. When the card is scanned a photo I.D. of the child and name appears on the terminal screen preventing children from swapping or stealing cards.