Restrict Food Items

Ensuring your children choose appropriate foods with their lunch money is often easier said than done. Those creative kids always seem to come up with (somewhat) legitimate answers as to why they had to choose an ice-cream.


Thankfully, My Student Account is here to help!


Our innovative systems allows parents to control what types of food theirs kids can, or cannot, eat. How? It’s easy! Parents simply login to their My Student Account and add items to their child’s ‘Prohibited Foods’ list. When your children try and purchase something from the canteen, this list of ‘Prohibited Foods’ will appear on the register. If it’s restricted, it won’t be sold!

Create Allergy Warnings

Allergies can be a extremely difficult to deal with at school. Far too often a child’s curiosity drives them to make silly decisions (when it comes to their health).


Thankfully, My Student Account is here to help!


Once you’ve noted your child’s allergies in their My Student Account, we’ll ensure they’re never be exposed to harmful ingredients by restricting what they can, or cannot, buy at the canteen.

Set Canteen Spend Limits

With My Student Account you can restrict the amount of money your child spends per day on canteen items. For example, you may choose to provide $6 per day to your child. Not only is this great from a monetary point of view, but it also teaches your child the skill of budgeting.

Simplify Payments

Modern technology makes paying for your child’s lunches easier than ever before. Gone are the days of hunting for exact change, now that a range of payment options are available to you. Payment can take place via any of the following: internet, phone, cheque, cash or direct debit.


Further payment details will be forwarded to you when your school confirms their involvement with My Student Account.