My Student Account makes running schools easier

My Student Account’s numerous benefits aren’t solely for students and their parents. It can significantly help schools, too.

Form Healthy Habits

My Student Account provides a practical solution for encouraging school students to purchase and eat healthier products. Students using My Student Account earn reward points each time they select a healthier food or drink as a way to encourage them to buy a low fat yogurt rather than an ice-cream, or a sandwich rather than a sausage roll.   Students can use the points to win prizes that encourage physical activity

Ensure Safety

My Student Account allows schools to manage student allergies, by alerting canteen staff to allergies or diet related conditions the child may suffer when the card is swiped. This feature provides great peace of mind for parents and school staff.

Improved School Business Management

My Student Account improves the business management of the school canteen. As parents pre-load funds onto the card, cash flow is improved. The software is also a tool for stock control and sales analysis. The system also promotes a growth in canteen sales.

Reduce Bullying

My Student Account creates a cashless school environment, resulting in less theft and bullying. It is also totally secure. When the card is swiped, a picture of the student is revealed, ensuring no other student uses the card. It is super convenient for parents, as no longer do they have to ‘dig around’ in the morning for loose change!

Improve Efficiency

My Student Account is extremely easy for students, parents and staff, to use!   Online ordering cashless sales saves staff spending hours counting and recounting cash. This allows them to focus on what really matters – their lives – and, in turn, creates more efficiency for all involved. It’s a win-win!

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